Ending homelessness is not just possible- it's happening. Meet some of the communities who are working to end veteran homelessness as part of the Built for Zero collaborative.

"I saw the camps, and I saw the way that people lived. And it got to me," said Angie Walker, Homeless Coordinator in Rockford, IL. Walker saw firsthand the conditions that people in her community experiencing homelessness were living in, and she knew it had to change.

Glenda Mann, an army veteran and mother, knows what it's like to not have a safe place to sleep at night. "It was terrifying," she said. "I just prayed, 'God, make me invisible, so I can be safe.'"

In 2017, Rockford, IL, became the first community in the country to end both veteran and chronic homelessness. One crucial shift for Rockford was creating a by-name list of everyone experiencing homelessness there.