Frequently Asked Questions


When and Where is the conference?

The Learning Session will be held in Denver, Colorado from Monday, October 21 to Wednesday, October 23, 2019. 

Who should attend?

We recommend bringing 4-8 team members from your community. Teams with fewer than four attendees often lack critical perspective, which can stall discussion. Teams with more than eight members often have trouble maintaining focus when planning together as a team. Please note that these are recommendations. Teams with fewer than 4 and more than 8 attendees can and have used our Learning Sessions productively. If you plan to bring a team outside the 4-8 range, check in with your coach to strategize on how to get the most out of the Learning Session. (It’s good to do this even if your team IS in the recommended range!)

In terms of who should attend, start with your team lead and your data lead. For descriptions of those roles, click here. To fill out the rest of your team, try to bring your champion leader (see description here), and your project leaders. We also find that teams who make the most progress often have representatives from different levels of their community org chart, i.e. executive level leaders, middle managers, and front-line staff. We recommend you consider this when forming your team as well.

Finally, it’s helpful for there to be some continuity between Learning Sessions. A Learning Session can be a good way to engage new team members, but you should also have strong representation from team members who have attended in the past, especially your team lead and data lead.

Again please note that these are just our recommendations for what you should consider when forming your team. If you’d like some additional guidance deciding who should attend, your coach is happy to help!


What is the suggested attire?

Smart Casual and Comfortable  



A high-level agenda will be available soon. A more detailed agenda will be available in the weeks leading up to the event.


Are stipends available?

Stipends will be available. Please stay tuned for more information. Please note that stipends are provided to teams and not to individuals or single organizations.


Does Community Solutions offer CEUs for attending this conference?

As of now, there are no CEUs provided for attending this conference.


I have a question not listed here, who do I contact?

Please contact